Patterns Added

QuestionMarkI receive emails from people all over who would like to take the time to make something they see and like for themselves. I can relate to this.

Over the last two years, I have come across different ideas that appeal to me and I want to have a go. I do not want to ask specifics of the designer, so I set out at trial and error until I accomplish it. I will watch Youtube videos or do searches on the web for the details.

So I have added a new section to my Etsy store. This is for the Do It Yourself ‘r who wants to roll up their sleeves and make it their own. Or take the original and modify it for something bigger.

For now I have started with two patterns for purchase. If there is a design you are interested in that you would like to see made into a pattern from MacramePurse, let me know. Check out the Gallery for ideas. I am still available to customer create something for you if you wish.



Acquiring A Tan For Summer

Here is my recommended tan for the summer. Either of these are great for any summer outing; wedding, picnic or birthday parties. Or use these to add a little spring to your work week.

Purse number 1 on the left is made on a 12″ flex frame, giving it a dressier look. It measures 13″ x 11″ with more of a 14″ base and ample shoulder strap. There are 2 white and gold buttons on the front only. The interior liner is white with tiny white daisies. There are two ample pockets on the inside, one along the front and one on the back. The flex frame closure  keeps the contents of your purse inside. It also stays open the entire time you are looking for an item.

Purse number 2 on the right measures 10″ x 10″ with the strap cords continuing down throughout the length of the purse. This gives it great strength. The tapered sides allows you to open the sides wide apart for easy access. The three bead pattern is mirrored on both sides and the interior is white without any pattern, but has two good size pockets as the first purse. Both are easy clean.

The choice is yours.

Why go out without a little tan.

I can guarantee that it will brighten your day.

Click on the Purse Store tab to see these and other special macrame purses.


Always remember to,

Be creative!

All In The Family

My husband has opened a shop of his own call Apple Core. He has written a family/children’s book and is marketing himself on Etsy. He has a WordPress blog site also called Monkey Toes; it is listing on the right hand margin for easy access. He has two other books brewing, but for now the lone book is available. Please stop by and say hello to him. He would really get a kick out of it.

Thanks again for,

Being Creative.

And It Begins…

Happy New Year!!

2012 is almost here and with it  the arrival of SideCapersMacrame. This is how this all started.

1978 was the first year that I remember putting a few cords together and calling it a purse. To my surprise others liked it. They asked me to put a few more cords together so they too could enjoy it. A few plant hangers were made, but not that many. Last Christmas we were looking at family pictures and I saw a few pictures of animals made from cord; panda, owl and a lion. Now to the present.

During a campaign to clean out areas of our home, my husband found in our basement  two 26” wrought iron rings that I purchased in 1979 to make a hanging chair. Now a decision had to be made. Do I make the chair or scrap the rings. As you can see, the chair was made. I found that I still loved making things from macrame cord.

two 26" wrought iron rings make up this macrame hanging chair

In my search for chair pattern that I had in mind, I came across other patterns. I also found copies of the macrame books I used 30 years ago. The trick was to find cord in the colors that wanted. With that solved I turned a spare room into a craft room. There are shelves that go around the room a foot from ceiling. I was able to store all the cords by color on those shelves. Since we were going through the house, all the sewing, craft and hobby items were brought to this room. I now have a work space with proper lighting, my sewing machine and materials.

I am looking forward to showing the different purses that I have made in the past year and sharing all future ones. Then there are the crafts shows and websites that SideCapers is involved with.

Thanks for visiting SideCapersMacrame.

Be creative.

Please join me