Purse Styles

Purses are great.


There are so many variations that can be incorporated into them. There the basic retro style with long strap, beads and fringe. Most times they were not lined. In making purses for today, I have the basic need is pockets for cell phones, iPod’s, glasses and other smaller items. I even took the idea from one of my customers to  make card slots in the liners.

There is also the need for security and keeping the contents from falling out. I came across internal flex frames; they are wonderful. You build the purse around the hinged frame. The purse stays open until you push it closed.

Purse built around frame to form the purse opening


Another part of the style of purses is the strap length. Each person is different in their comfort zone of carrying their purse. Some women like their purse to travel on their shoulder or across their chest, allowing the purse to rest on the opposite hip. Others enjoy the hand held or on the wrist. Special occasions call for different purse styles; evening clutches, marketplace efficiency, or travel bags.

Internal Flex Frame



The one thing all macrame purses have in common is durability and strength.

Securely placed liners with pockets


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