And It Begins…

Happy New Year!!

2012 is almost here and with it  the arrival of SideCapersMacrame. This is how this all started.

1978 was the first year that I remember putting a few cords together and calling it a purse. To my surprise others liked it. They asked me to put a few more cords together so they too could enjoy it. A few plant hangers were made, but not that many. Last Christmas we were looking at family pictures and I saw a few pictures of animals made from cord; panda, owl and a lion. Now to the present.

During a campaign to clean out areas of our home, my husband found in our basement  two 26” wrought iron rings that I purchased in 1979 to make a hanging chair. Now a decision had to be made. Do I make the chair or scrap the rings. As you can see, the chair was made. I found that I still loved making things from macrame cord.

two 26" wrought iron rings make up this macrame hanging chair

In my search for chair pattern that I had in mind, I came across other patterns. I also found copies of the macrame books I used 30 years ago. The trick was to find cord in the colors that wanted. With that solved I turned a spare room into a craft room. There are shelves that go around the room a foot from ceiling. I was able to store all the cords by color on those shelves. Since we were going through the house, all the sewing, craft and hobby items were brought to this room. I now have a work space with proper lighting, my sewing machine and materials.

I am looking forward to showing the different purses that I have made in the past year and sharing all future ones. Then there are the crafts shows and websites that SideCapers is involved with.

Thanks for visiting SideCapersMacrame.

Be creative.

Please join me


2 thoughts on “And It Begins…

  1. Thanks Mary. You are correct.
    I finished that first purse just two days before my sister’s birthday. I then realized it needed a good home. I will be making a couple more like that soon.


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