Acquiring A Tan For Summer

Here is my recommended tan for the summer. Either of these are great for any summer outing; wedding, picnic or birthday parties. Or use these to add a little spring to your work week.

Purse number 1 on the left is made on a 12″ flex frame, giving it a dressier look. It measures 13″ x 11″ with more of a 14″ base and ample shoulder strap. There are 2 white and gold buttons on the front only. The interior liner is white with tiny white daisies. There are two ample pockets on the inside, one along the front and one on the back. The flex frame closure ¬†keeps the contents of your purse inside. It also stays open the entire time you are looking for an item.

Purse number 2 on the right measures 10″ x 10″ with the strap cords continuing down throughout the length of the purse. This gives it great strength. The tapered sides allows you to open the sides wide apart for easy access. The three bead pattern is mirrored on both sides and the interior is white without any pattern, but has two good size pockets as the first purse. Both are easy clean.

The choice is yours.

Why go out without a little tan.

I can guarantee that it will brighten your day.

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Always remember to,

Be creative!


All Finished

Here they are, all lined and ready for delivery. Each one is very different and unique. Here is an aerial view showing the liners inside.

The large black tote has 4 smaller pockets and 2 larger, one on each side. The silver market bag and forest green frame purse have 1 pocket on each side. All three have their liner hand sewn in place.

As I Promised Myself

Here is the finished 8″ frame purse. I like the color combination of forest green, silver and plum. The finished size in 8″frame opening at the top, down to 9″ across the bottom. The length is 8″ from frame top to bottom. The strap is 20″ from shoulder to opening.

This is the best size purse to carry a small wallet, keys, phone and glasses. There will be one in the future made a little glitzier; something to take on a special night out. Here is a close up of the color blend.

I hope to show the interiors on all three purses tomorrow or Thursday for sure.
My goal is to have them completed before Friday. I have decided to join a small multi-business craft store in our area. It is called Hometown Talents & Treasures. You can find a link on the right for more information. Friday will be my moving-in day. As soon as things are settled, I will upload some photos of my little shop space.
Until then,
Be creative!