Macrame and Crochet Game Totes For Your Favorite Team Player

This past weekend I realized something interesting. Not only are the colors of this market bag the Green Bay Packers Football teams colors, but they are also the same colors as a middle school in North Carolina.

Red, white and black color combination can be either the University of Madison-Badgers football team or West Bend’s Badger Middle School colors.

And lastly, this could be the team colors of the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team or the Germantown Warhawks High School colors.
I had so many parents this weekend looking for a unique way to carry sports apparel and equipment. The kids were just as excited.

Last month I had a couple asking if I could make them a unique book bag for their student. I explained that the largest opening in a flex frame that I have is 14″. It would be a tight fit for text books laying side ways. Depending on the age and size of the child, the bag on the right could be made twice the length to accomodate books standing on end. Or the bag on the left could be made with a longer strap and a little wider to house a laptop.

Everything is adaptable and can be made to fit what you need it for. What do you use for game day?


What To Do Next

This weekend I will start a remake on an older project with a new twist. That is to say re size my macrame tote with a longer strap, wider sides and bigger flap.
This is to fill a need for someone I know. They are a young couple, expecting their first child. I will attempt a diaper bag that a man would carry and use.

My friend has requested it in Milwaukee Brewers colors, I can do that. It will have a messenger bag look to it with a longer over-the-head, on-the-shoulder strap. I will need to design the inside and its compartments. The sides and dividers should have body and stand alone without falling over.
Because this will out last the use of a diaper bag, it will not look like a diaper bag. This way it will be used to go to Miller Park and be the “game bag” in the future.

Here is the above mentioned diaper/day tote. I think that it turned out pretty well.

It measures 15″ x 13″ x 6″ with a strap height of 25″. The strap is easily lifted over your head onto the opposite shoulder.

On the inside, I encased plastic corrugated sheets in the black liner in one continuous U-shape that fits from one side to another including the bottom. It snaps in for added structure. The tote becomes more of a soft sided bag without it. There are two large pockets on the back and also on the front. The inset piece has a pocket on each end for a total of 6.

As a children’s day bag, it will accommodate toys, changes of clothing, snacks or any items you may need for a day away from home.

Our friends were thrilled with the way the tote turned out also. Now we are all waiting for the baby to arrive.

Be creative!