Craft Shows

This was my first year attending craft fairs and other selling venues. It was quite a learning experience to understand exactly where SideCapers fit best. The first show I ever went to was a Vendor Fair, that was a bit of a waste. I was the only handmade vendor there. I was surrounded by Tupperware, Dove Chocolate, Pampered Chef   and knock off purses. And the knock off purses were at the front door.

The next step of my education was a flea market setting. There were many people who must have woke up very early to find a bargain and I was not it. Some even circled around a few times. The best of the three that I attended was when other area communities had larger events taking place the same day and the tourists came to visit.

My best and most enjoyable experiences were smaller scale, established craft fair events. the ones that people marked their calendars for and waited to see what was there.

10' x 10' space

This was my 2011 craft fair stand. It worked very well for ever changing inventory. It is very portable and user friendly. Most of our neighbors were there the day before or hours before to set up. Not us, we usually planned to be there an hour before and were set up in 45 minutes.

August 2011

For 2012, I will post upcoming shows that I plan to attend. I will try to add pictures after.

Maybe I can see some of you there.

October 2011-boy was it cold that morning


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