New Display

With new management comes new ideas. I think this is brilliant.
After a wall is removed and another wall is cut in half and the bottom half is made very useful. This is so much better that the clothes rack from before (see Setting Up Shop from January 28th).
Hometown Talents & Treasures is now known as Inspired For You and its management has far exceeded future plans within one month than the ideas from before. More thought and time is given to each one of the venders within the store to help boost sales.
We salute you Stacy!!

I am so much more optimistic about selling within the community than ever before. Farmer’s Market is just around the corner and we will be selling right in the middle of it instead out on the fringe. There will be the ¬†city events that the store will be apart of in parks and festivals this summer. Stacy has added radio advertising that has already seen new visitors because of it.

I will be giving reports as the summer goes on. I am so tickled right now about the possibilities.

As always, continue to

Be Creative.