Market Bags

This is my favorite crochet project. Some call this a squishy bag, hobo bag, sling bag, but I call it a market bag. It is made from 75% recycled T-shirt material. It will be sold with others this style at our local farmer’s market; great for carrying produce home in. It is a no-brainer pattern, but it produces a very useful bag. I have a sister-in-law, Denise, who uses hers daily to carry things to and from work.

I had the time to finish this project on my way to my daughter Renee and her husband Jesse’s home. We live in Wisconsin and drive straight through to  Mississippi in one day. The weather right now is great. Renee is pruning Shrimp plants in the yard and decided to spruce up this picture.

 I have made one for Renee and put a cheese cloth liner in it. It restricts the stretch a bit, but she feels more at ease using it to carry her smaller purse items in it while shopping at the market. It then becomes an all-in-one bag for the day. These can also be used to put items in for beach visits (that is where I plan on being tomorrow).
Both Renee and Denise agree that these are easy to care for. Just pop into a laundry bag and add with the rest of your wash of like colors; either line dry or lay out flat.
Well I will need to meet up with you later as I continue with my family visit/vacation time in the south. Have a great week. If  I manage to finish something else, I will let you know.
Until then,
Be Creative.