Riverwalk Art Fair 2012

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On August 25, 2012, I participated in the West Bend Daily News Riverwalk Art Fair. It runs the last Saturday in August each year during Germanfest in West Bend WI.

Other than Farmer’s Market dates, this is the first time I have shown just  macrame purses on three of the four walls of the tent. The set up for this is very easy. While others are spending a great deal of time putting out their items, we just have to unroll each wall and set it up in the corners of the tent. I then hang each purse on its own metal hook. As purses sell, I can rearrange them for a balanced display.

The walls allow a breeze on hot days and weight for the tent on breezier days. Your display items move with the walls flexibility in the wind and the metal hooks hold everything securely.

I bring work-in-progress to each craft show. The purse is in a set-up mode and has all the pieces attached. As I work on the purse, it solidifies the fact that each purse is made by me and they can see how it is done. I enjoy sharing the process with others.

In a couple of weeks I will be at a larger venue that will run the full weekend. I am a little nervous that I will not have enough variety to show. We show see how it goes.

Thank you for peeking in.


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