Happy Anniversary MacramePurse

Screen shot 2014-02-22 at 10.41.43 AM This has been an interesting adventure. I have learned many things.
I know that I have been absent in the last 9 months; but I think I may be coming back slowly this year.

Much attention has been spent on our Aquaponics project last year and it will continue this spring.

I had forgotten it was our anniversary, but an additional  surprise was the amount of hits the site continues to get. So the interest is still there, I like that, 30,000 hits and counting.
Thank you all for stopping by to look around and I hope to have the time to pick things back up this year.


Macrame Milestone

10000hitsThank you for a great year.

I understand that Macrame is not the highest priority topic and I appreciate those who took the time to see what was happening here in my small world of creativity. Looking forward to the next 12 months.

I would like to take this moment to wish everyone a healthy, peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Craft News

Please help me welcome – Inspired For You – to WordPress.

Inspired For You is a multi business establishment that has over 40 local artists under one roof in our city. They now all come together under one WordPress roof.

This site is still a bit under construction, but it has a good start in showcasing all the different Blog sites, Facebook pages, individual websites and Etsy pages each artist belongs too. For those who do not have a site of their own, they will have their own feature page .

Now after the store’s first Open House last week, we are gearing up for the holidays.

So stop in from time to time and visit our artist family. Sign up for blog updates, view and Like the artist Facebook pages located in the horizontal menu at Inspired For You. Click on the Products tab and see a small sample of products sold in the store. Also visit Inspired For You – Facebook page and see the newest artist or featured sale.