Macrame and Crochet Holiday Orders

If a macrame purse appeals to you; I am offering you an opportunity to design your own.

All parts of a macrame purse are changeable; strap length, purse body size, styles and
many colors to choose from. Purses are priced by body size.

Contact me for holiday custom orders. You can see many
purse ideas by clicking the Gallery tab at the top. You will also find an Available Colors tab.


2 thoughts on “Macrame and Crochet Holiday Orders

  1. And I’m SO Taking you up on that offer – can’t wait for my iPad Purse that we customized over the weekend to be done! Thank you for matching it to my other purse you made for me! And the great ideas for pockets – I forgot about a few of the accessories I’ll need to store in there! I can’t wait!!!


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