First Sale

I am very excited today.

I was informed of my first sale at Hometown Talents and Treasures.
 This is the item that sold, how wonderful. It was a 12″ x 11″ flex frame purse with a nice length shoulder strap. The interior was fully lined with two good size pockets on one side and credit card pockets on the other.
 I will be making more in this style in different colors.

As I think back to the last two years I have sold two grey, one navy, a green and now the cranberry. It has been one of my better sellers.

A 12″ flex frame gives a great balanced size purse. It is not too large to carry and it can hold quite a bit inside. Another great feature is the secure closure. It gives the purse a great structure to hang from. It stays open for as long as you need it to be and with a gentle push in, the purse is closed and the contents stay in tact.

I will definitely be adding 5 more to the collection in 5 different colors.

Hopefully more updates soon, until then,

Be creative!


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