Large Tote

Here is a very cool design for a 12.5″ x 13″ x 5″ tote. There is quite a bit of room inside; especially with the five inch sides. The uses for it can be endless.
I will be fully lining it; not sure about the pockets yet. Each corner has a definite solid line downward, accenting a square edge.

About a year ago, I made a shorter one. The purchaser is using it to hold mail. She is folding in the front handle and hanging the back handle on the wall.
When I make the next one, I would like to consider the interior lining and pocket set up for a diaper bag. The liner would outline the perimeter but need a divider for other pockets for one side. The second side would just be open space for larger items.

Again I realize that I am suppose to be working on something else, but I could not resist doing this first. I promise to finish the 8 inch flex frame purse before the end of this week.

Hopefully Thursday night I will be able to show you this tote, the 8 inch flex frame and the silver market bag fully finished with linings.

Until then,
Be creative!


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