First Purse of the Year

This purse really took more than three days to complete. To be honest, it took over 6 months.
I started it a while back and had about half of it finished when I realized that the way I was going about it was backwards. With double half hitches (the straight line part) you can only see them on the side your working them in. If you turn the opposite side out the worked line will not be seen. To make matters worse I also had a handle flipped wrong.
Six months ago I took it apart just above the top diamonds. I had other purses started, so I left it. There never seemed enough time to finish it.
Now I told myself that with the new year, I could not start anything else until past work was complete. No problem. Yes it was. I got everything turned the correct way, but forgot to turn it out again when it came to the bottom. The last 3 inches needed taking apart and reworked.
I was thinking of leaving it again, but decided to get this done.
I did and I am enjoying the look of it. The finished size is 8″ wide and 10″ high from the opening to the bottom of the purse. The handles are 8″ wide and are made of wood, as are the beads. I have made special notations in the pattern so these set backs will not happen again. Now I just need to decide what color material I will use to line it. With the open middle on both sides you could try matching the cord of the purse or do something very different as an accent.
I have picked three colors from my fabric stash; black, beige or light raspberry. The black would not jump at you but the raspberry would really stand out. I am thinking the tan would complement the handle and beads. With the bottom row of double half hitches, the bottom has a unique look to it.

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