Two years later

it has been two years since I last wrote anything. I had every intention to be creative, post some ideas and say a few things.

sorry this post is not about the latest purse that was created but on how I see the last two years.

we had tickets to a concert shortly after March 1, 2020 and we wondered if we were able to go to it at all. we did and the next day, everything shut down in our area. the next two years whizzed by. this last week we attended the same head liner, two years and five days later in celebration; no mask or restrictions.

in seeing all of the disinformation and lack of proper news coverage during this time, causes you to wake up and try to find the real truth.

it’s still not really being said. slowly it drips out and if you blink or someone asks you a question, you might miss it. but the general public is asking questions or realizing something is amiss. unfortunately some are asking, “what have I agreed to?”

the real story here is the corruption and enslavement we the people have been in for centuries and the lies we have been fed to cover up planned genocide, child Trafficking, and bio weapon viruses. global warming, controlled lock downs, mRNA DNA altering jabs, flatten the curve caused many to follow in lock step without question or even suspect.

when did we come to believe everything the government and media said? in a time when information travels at the speed of light, the general public believe the handful of local news channels that are touting the exact same narrative. I noticed my local news only talks about the local sports team, crime nearby, what new store opened, and the weather. one would think that the rest of the world is asleep or totally boring. we never heard of the protests going on for 18 plus weeks in France, Germany, Australia, Italy, New Zealand and many more countries. they refused to accept the jab or the jab passports. people who had the passports were burning their cards in solidarity with those who would not comply.

the last time society had this same type of ridiculousness was the Spanish flu; about 100 years prior; go figure, it started in March too. they wore masks and lined up for jabs and it too was the flu. except covid is patented and something that has a patent is not a naturally occur thing; research it.

I believe this was a plandemic. every 100 years when the last generation is no longer around to tell you how bogus it is, it happens again. they also start the jab people who are 70 years + on purpose; some may remember and we would not want them to tell you.

my question during this whole thing was, “when did he ever mask up or stop life for the common cold, flu, sinus infection, ear infection or bronchitis?” half the time people came to work with all of the above without blinking an eye. they never went to the doctor to get prescribed meds to help the rest of their co-workers to stay well. they did not want to spend the money for the visit or take the time off.

here is the truth. our bodies are so wonderfully made that if we care for ourselves the way that we should, we can overcome most basic illness. it is called natural immunity. our creator saw to this. but the problem is most of us are not asking our creator how to take care of ourself nor how to combat what comes our way. unfortunately we look to the government, science and the media instead of the one who knows.